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Optimize Your Machining Process...

Contract Services to Support Machine Startup

Securing new business often requires commitments to price and delivery schedules that are difficult to meet. We stand ready to help you meet those production demands while you're waiting for your new Hardinge machine to be delivered or installed. Hardinge can develop the process, machine your parts, and be your partner for success. We have an experienced process engineering staff and machinists to handle your demanding technical requirements for general and extremely precise machining.

Training-Programming and Operation
Knowing the best way to program and operate your new or older Hardinge machine is a key step to ensure optimum productivity. Hardinge programming and/or operation training classes are taught by experienced instructors either at Hardinge or in your facility. Training is offered for all current Hardinge machine models.

Education Seminars on Productivity
Increase the effectiveness of your business with Hardinge Productivity Enhancement Seminars, including hard turning, setup reduction, workholding, etc. These seminars can be held at your facility and arranged to fit your schedule, resulting in minimal disruption of production time while allowing several employees to attend.

Application Review and Cycle Time Estimates
Hardinge can develop the process and cycle time estimate for your-or your customer's-particular part. This also includes determining the proper workholding device and tooling setup to produce the part as efficiently as possible.

Part Runoffs-Sample or Prototype
We can program and tool your job at our plant and produce a sample part or small quantity of prototype parts. This process can eliminate any speculation about the ability to perform a difficult process or meet technical specifications.

Machine Programming Services
Our applications experts can write programs for processing your parts. This includes developing the part sequence, determining the appropriate tooling and specifying the preferred workholding device for the best possible cycle time.

On-Site Production Support
We can send a machinist to your facility to perform machine setup and provide production support up to and including machine operation.

Programming and/or Operator Assistance
Our experts will work with your machine programmers or operators to increase their skill level to optimize the use of your Hardinge machine. Training is tailored to the specific needs of each person.

Our machining and process experts can visit your facility and audit your machining practices. We can "zero in" on areas where productivity can be improved or operating costs can be reduced.

Machine Setup and/or Reprocessing
Hardinge offers productive and competitive alternatives when you're faced with a shortage of time or resources. Our team of experienced Systems Engineers and Process Technicians can develop programs and set up your new or existing Hardinge machine, or "reprocess" it for a completely different part (or range of parts)

Complete Turnkey Services
Our complete Turnkey Services can be performed using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and testing equipment on new Hardinge machine(s) prior to shipment. After the part process approval, we'll be there for installation, training and runoff. Turnkey Services are also available for your existing machines. "Customized" process optimization is more accessible and more affordable than you may think. Our team of engineers and applications experts can configure a process to meet your specific requirements. And if reducing labor is your goal, we can work with systems integrators to provide the necessary level of automation and material handling to meet your requirements. We also manufacture workholding and industrial product "specials".

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