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Sure-Grip Expanding Collet Systems

Sure-Grip Expanding Collets for turning, milling and grinding

The Hardinge Sure-Grip Expanding Collet is a double-angle design that assures true parallel gripping of the workpiece with maximum torque. Hardinge is the expert when it comes to exact part length control. They patented the first Dead-Length 5C and 16C collets used for high-production manufacturing. The Sure-Grip Expanding Collet has true part length control built into its  design. The workpiece locates against the face of the arbor or the face of the work stop to ensure no longitudinal end movement. The collet draws the workpiece firmly against the stop, producing an extremely stable part. The results are heavier cuts, better surface finishes, and  closer tolerances. Sure-Grip Collets can be custom manufactured for special applications for spindles, sub-spindles and mill tables. Pick-off collets are frequently engineered for Swiss and multi-spindle machines. Splined or serrated surfaces can be made for special grips and shapes, while recessed draw-plug styles might solve your short gripping problem.

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Sure-Grip Expanding Collet Systems

  • Instant centering of the arbor - no adjustment 
  • Quick changeover 
  • Wide gripping range for each collet 
  • True parallel gripping even when gripping half the collet body 
  • High gripping force 
  • Light gripping on small parts with bores down to 1/8" (3.175mm) 
  • Exact part length control
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